CEA Committee General Terms of Reference

Each CEA Committee is to have a Chair and Vice-Chair selected by their peers within the committee.

Position Chair: Duration 2 years* 

Position Vice Chair: Duration 2 years* 

Committee General Objective: To achieve a market place where Qualification Based Selection procedures are the norm and to advance CEA’s five Strategic Priorities

Duties of Chair

  • Lead, liaise and advocate with respective client group (City of Edmonton, City of Calgary, Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors, etc.)
  • Lead committee meetings, host committee events and work with CEA staff to implement events, objectives, etc.
  • The Chair must also submit a written report of the Committee’s activities/issues prior to each Board meeting.

Duties of Vice Chair

  • Assist the Chair in all Committee activities and initiatives. 

Sub-Committees: Created at discretion of Chair and Committee

NOTES: * The Young Professionals Group Committees in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer are the exception to the 2 year term. YPG Chairs and Vice Chairs will have 1-year terms.

Selection Procedure for Committee Positions

Eligibility of Nominee: The nominee should have a strong record of commitment to the goals, activities and initiatives of the Committee and CEA though regular participation at committee meetings, initiatives and events. The nominee must reflect the principles of the CEA Code of Ethics and Charter and must be an employee of a CEA member firm.

Submission of Nominees: All eligible committee members are asked to submit by email their nomination to the Nominating Committee one month before the scheduled voting date. Nominations are to include the mover, the seconder, and the concurrence of the nominee.

Voting Procedure: The slate of nominees will be notified electronically to the general committee membership a minimum of two weeks in advance of the voting date. The voting date will be on the last scheduled meeting date of the annual year. Votes shall be cast by secret ballot. One ballot per member company attending the meeting.

Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee will consist of four people. If available, the following people will participate in the nominating committee:

  • Vice Chair;
  • Current Chair;
  • Past Chair;
  • CEA Staff Member.

If there is one or more vacancies, the nominating committee may consist of committee members at large.

NOTE: In the absence of nominees for any position, the nominating committee will convene to select an appropriate candidate to be presented to the committee.